Desert Monastics

A project of teaching Spirituality through Social Media.

What of the 1,700 year old desert monastic tradition might speak to the spiritual hunger of emerging adults? In a period of societal and ecclesial instability, similar to our own, early monastics made their way to the desert, carving space for spiritual growth and contemplative discipleship. The resulting wisdom sayings and stories made their way down through the generations. How can these stories be told again? Can they translate to emerging adults, Gen-Z, who are largely absent from church spaces, if they were to be encountered online?

Primary Videos:

Appendix: Secondary Videos

This set of videos, while not formally part of the assignment, are informed by the same traditions. Rather than “foregrounding” a particular teacher, they work to pick up themes in the literature. Still, they each finish with a spiritual practice.

Monasticism: Going Deeper than Diversity

Are monastics better than the people around them?

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