Enrique’s Journey

San Diego has launched a “One Book, One San Diego” campaign with the book “Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario. I joined with “all of San Diego” and picked up this short non-fiction telling of a Honduran boy’s journey from Tegucigalpa to the U.S. in search of his mother who immigrated before him. The tale leftContinue reading “Enrique’s Journey”

Displace Me

Some friends of mine are helping out with “Displace Me,” an event being run by Invisible Children this weekend. I remember when Jason, Bobby, and Laren first screened their movie at USD and how incredibly naive they were. At that point they were three very immature idealistic guys with a funny documentary. Now they’ve turnedContinue reading “Displace Me”

A Better World Through Global Living

My friend Rob plans to spend next year living and working in Tijuana Mexico with migrant laborers. We sat down this weekend to talk about what it meant to spend part of your life living “out there.” What does it mean? I was struck by how many people I know and love who are livingContinue reading “A Better World Through Global Living”