Identities: the ones we construct and the ones that construct us

The past few days have been the commemoration of the martyrdom of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., here at the seminary.  We’ve been talking a lot about race, gender, sexual orientation, and other things that divide us. We’ve been wondering whether we live in a “post-racial America.” One of my favorite professors here,Continue reading “Identities: the ones we construct and the ones that construct us”

We Are One: A Concert and Expectation

Yesterday some friends and I headed down to the Lincoln Memorial for the “We are One” concert in celebration of Barack Obama’s Inauguration.  It was incredible.  We got down to the memorial on the metro relatively easily and walked into the Mall around noon.  It was pretty cold standing for the two and a halfContinue reading “We Are One: A Concert and Expectation”

Jesus was an Immigrant

A few weeks ago, in the run up to a discussion about the Border, I started kicking around an idea that I haven’t seen anywhere else. My friend Jason Evans has started prodding me to spit it out, so this is a first attempt, to which I hope comments and discussion will flush out aContinue reading “Jesus was an Immigrant”